Monday, October 13, 2008

Investment for the future?

This commerative coin is about the size of a quarter, and features a Twin Towers cut out that can be removed and mounted on the coin base. The cut out is silver, while the coin is 24 KT gold-plated. This object is clearly meant as a collectible, and arguably an investment. The combination of coin, precious metals, and tribute seem to create a perfect marketing message for consumers. Because this object doesn't have an everyday use, it is a collectible, but it is unfair to label it strictly in this category. With the incorporation of September 11th into this coin, the object's message and call to action (to consumer or purchase or appeal) is altered dramatically. The cut out also calls to mind an alter-type symbol. In fact, the coin, with its contrast of gold and silver, and the cut out's mounting on the coin, implies an angelic appearance.

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