Sunday, December 30, 2012

Supra Skytop 2 9/11 Commemorative Edition Shoe

Just came across this 911 tribute shoe from Supra.  Here is a video that gives a good overview of the shoe, which is a recent development (2012).  The striking thing about this shoe is that 11 years later, companies are still rolling out merchandise related (tribute, commemorating, influenced, etc) to September 11th.  I don't plan to add this example to my collection, but I'm documenting it here.  I think it bolsters a number of points I've made through my collection.  First, the influence of September 11th on material/consumer goods is clearly demonstrated, and even more importantly, 11 years after the event we are still seeing its impact.  Second, we see how mainstream the tie between consumerism and September 11th has become.  I don't pretend to know much about Supra, but these shoes are a skateboarding brand, and could be described as a trendy.  Furthermore, this example further bolsters my argument of using 9/11 as a marketing tool and even call to action for sales.  I couldn't find any info or reference about a donation from the sale of this shoe, but I would think this would be the case.  I don't think the connection to 9/11 here had much influence on this individual who purchased the shoe.  Overall, it is interesting to see the continued production of 9/11 influenced goods.  This the second recent example of a sneaker.  It is also worth noting the Nike tribute shoe example from my collection, which followed shortly after 9/11:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Bin Laden vs USA Video Game

I had no idea anything like this existed.  The game is definitely unique (and does work).  Here are the comments from the sale listing:

One of the rarest handheld games ever made. Not many left in existence. In-fact I have never seen this model on ebay and it works.
One website lists this as the second version. But the model number shows otherwise.
There are two versions Model GM-0283A-3 & model this Model GM-026A-3 . I believe this to be the 1st version just by seeing the model number.
The game allows you to fight back against the attack and defend the Twin Towers against this terrible act.
I only purchased the game at yard sale in a box along with some other games. I am not very fond of the game but it did feel good to be able to fight back if only history could be changed.
My prayers go out to those who have lost their loved ones and those who survived. Along with a great appreciation to those who were there and are among the HERO'S who's efforts helped save many more lives. Personally I would never want to sell this game and would rather crush under a steam roller. But hard times have made me in need of funds to support my family. So I am offering this up for auction.
Made by Gao Ming Panyu Gaoming Electronics Co Ltd. Made in China, It takes 2 AA batteries although it has a spot for a third battery but no battery terminals are in there for that. The back says it 4.5V and 3AA. All the buttons work along with the sound. You can also see from the photo that all the lcds work as well. The case is in good condition as well.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ball Found Ater 9/11

 This is an interesting item.  It is a baseball featuring the Twin Towers, Statue of Liberty, American flag with United We Stand, and I Heart (Love) NY.  The ball is in a presentation case and has a label that states:
Baseball found in the debris of the attach on the Twin Towers of 9-11-2001  Presented to Laurence LaFrate with gratitude from The American Folk Art Museum"

In looking for info on Laurence LaFrate, I found the following from June 29, 2008:
Laurence P. LaFrate, 60, of Baldwinsville, died Sunday at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Syracuse following a sudden illness. A native of Fulton, he had resided in Baldwinsville for 31 years. Larry was a 1969 graduate of S.U.N.Y. at New Paltz. He was an administrator at the Liverpool Central School District for 25 years. Larry owned and operated American Sampler Antiques and was known to thousands of people as “Echodale” on ebay where he has been a power seller. He was a consultant to the American Museum of Folk Art in New York City and was preparing to write a book about early American lighting.
Larry was predeceased by his father, Ray LaFrate and brother, Peter LaFrate. Surviving are his beloved companion, Irene Oman of Liverpool; his mother, Frances LaFrate of Fulton; son, Christian LaFrate of St. Petersburg, FL; daughter, Kathleen (John) Verdoliva of Oswego; brother, Greg (Christine) LaFrate of Fulton; three grandchildren, Meghan Foster, Sabrina and Kenneth Verdoliva; several aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.
Services will be held 10 a.m. Thursday at Foster Funeral Home, Fulton with burial at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Fulton. Calling hours are 4 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home, 910 Fay Street, Fulton. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Laurence P. LaFrate Memorial Education Fund to be awarded to students each year who excel in academics and the arts, presented by his grandchildren, in “Papa Larry’s honor”, to recipients in the Fulton School District. Donations should be made payable to: Laurence P. LaFrate Memorial Fund, c/o Irene Oman, 8393-B Shallowcreek Road, Liverpool, New York, 13090.

I plan to contact the American Folk Art Museum at some point.


"Remeberance Day Sept 11th 2001" Duck Decoy

 Here is a tribute duck decoy by Patty Martin (signature) from Stoney Point Decoys.  This decoy incorporates the American flag, and is red, white and blue.  Another great example illustrating the widespread impact of September 11th.  The impact and reflection of 9/11 through material goods is clearly significant. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hallmark Glass Bulb: 2001 Stars and Stripes Forever!

2001 tribute ornament from Hallmark featuring a patriotic snowman and on the other side, "Snow place like the USA." The box also relates that "Once again, Christmas has come to this land that we love...and everything seems a little more precious."  Ornament is dated 2001, and is clearly attributed to September 11th.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Old Navy T-shirt

Special tribute t-shirt offered by Old Navy. 

Civilian Justice Comic: 9-11 Tribute Book

Interesting 9-11 tribute comic book.  As the front page states, "We Do Not Attack...We Defend!"  The "superhero" appears on the front page, as well as Bin Laden.  Also, the comic indicates "a % of profits will be donated to the relief funds."  You have to wonder if there was any profits, let alone donation made (just me being skeptical). 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cantor Fitzgerald Commemorative WTC Steel

Cantor Fitzgerald and bgc commemorative box with world trade center steel.  This special tribute was given to employees.  I'm not exactly sure how many were created or distributed, but this is a striking 9/11 example from corporate America.  The steel cube weighs about one pound.  

Cantor Fitzgerald's corporate headquarters and New York City office,[7][8] on the 101st-105th floors of One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan (2-6 floors above the impact zone of a hijacked airliner), were destroyed during the September 11, 2001 attacks. Seconds after Cantor's building was struck by the plane, a Goldman Sachs server issued an alert saying that its trading system had gone offline because it wasn't able to connect with a Cantor server.[9][10][11] Cantor Fitzgerald lost over two-thirds of its workforce, considerably more than any of the other World Trade Center tenants or the New York City Police Department and New York City Fire Department. CEO and chairman Howard Lutnick, whose brother was among those killed, vowed to keep the company alive, and the company was able to bring its trading markets back online within a week. On September 19, Cantor Fitzgerald made a pledge to distribute 25 percent of the firm's profits for the next five years, and committed to paying for ten years of health care, for the benefit of the families of its 658 former Cantor Fitzgerald, eSpeed, and TradeSpark employees (profits which would otherwise have been distributed to the Cantor Fitzgerald partners).[12] In 2006, the company completed its promise, having paid a total of $180 million[12] (and an additional $17 million from a relief fund run by Lutnick's sister, Edie).[13]

Before the attacks, Cantor handled about one-quarter of the daily transactions in the multi-trillion dollar treasury security market. Cantor has since rebuilt its infrastructure, thanks in part to the efforts of its London office,[14] and now has its headquarters in midtown Manhattan. The company's effort to regain its footing is the subject of Tom Barbash's 2003 book On Top of the World: Cantor Fitzgerald, Howard Lutnick, and 9/11: A Story of Loss and Renewal.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Yankees Magazine 9/11 Tribute

Yankees Magazine (Oct 2001) issue featured a special tribute to 9/11.

FDNY Rescue Heroes Toy

Billy Blazes FDNY Rescue Heroes special tribute and figure.  This toy is branded Fire Department of NY, and even features a letter on the package from the head of FDNY.  The letter speaks about the partnership between Toys R Us and FDNY, and the proceeds from the sale of this toy being donated to the FDNY's Education Fund (right on the front package too).  This toy again demonstrates the impact of 9/11 on all areas of material culture.  Furthermore, it is clear that 9/11 is the call action for purchasing/consuming this toy. This really is an amazing example, and something people will look back on in 100 years as documentation of the importance and impact of September 11th.

DC Comics Superman Tribute

In the January 02 issue of Doom Patrol, the following tribute featuring Superman was included.  The message states: "In Recognition of all who suffered September 11th and admiration of our nation's real-life heroes."

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Liz Claiborne 9/11 Tribute Pin

Liz Claiborne patriotic tribute pin to September 11th.  Label on pin relates that "Liz Claiborne will donate 100% of our proceeds to the Twin Towers Fund."  The pin sold for $12.00.

The Donation Question:
I've raised this issue numerous times with other items from this collection: What were the actual donated proceeds to the 9/11 or in this case, the Twin Towers Fund?  Was that an actual fund?  The press and investigative reporting on the abuses of nonprofits that started up after 9/11 or implied a connection to 9/11 is warranted, but what about companies who promoted the sale of goods and merchandise tied to donations of proceeds to 9/11 victims, funds, etc?  There have never been any public accounting of these donated funds.  Were they actually donated?  It would be interesting to see what kind of accountably there is amongst the corporate sector for such sales driven by charitable motivations.  Let's label this consumer and charity mix.  Possible names: consumercharity sales; feel good consumption; or donation spending.  Have your own suggestions?  Share them here, or e-mail me.

All Start Tribute What's Going On: September 11th Fund Benefit Record

Tribute Record related to September 11th that came out in 2001.  This was a promotional record and not offered for sale.  September 11th was added as a benefit to this previous fundraising effort for combatting AIDS. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baccarat glass tribute to September 11th, 2001

September 11th tribute glass heart created by Baccarat. Engraved with American flag and September 11, 2001.

United in Memory ornament

Ornament based on lapel pin for October 11, 2011 memorial ceremony that President George W. Bush attended at The Pentagon.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Return To Normal Comic

A Rare Modern Age James Sturm Comics Books.

Return to Normal

2002. As a reaction to the events of September 11, 2001, Comics Creator James Sturm created the comic 'Return to Normal'. In the comic, Sturm stated that people should "return to normal" and not aim their vengeance to all Arab Americans. The comic was intended for educational purposes and does not have any words with the pictures. Public School teachers have used this book in classrooms, asking students to write a narrative based upon the series of pictures contained in this pamphlet. The stories the students came up with were very revealing in addressing their reaction to September 11 and stereotypes that they harbor.