Saturday, November 13, 2010

Buttons: Incorporate NY and the Twin Towers in Your Sweater

The item, "Dress It Up New York," features buttons for sewing projects, like clothing or bags. The buttons are NY-themed and include a taxi, apple, NYC skyline, shopping bag, playbill, etc, and include a Twin Towers tribute featuring Never Forget and a flag. This an example of a craft object that shows the influence of September 11th. As I've state previously, September 11th's impact not only included the tragic loss of lives, destruction of property, terrorism policy setter, and world perspective changer but also brought influence to every form of American material goods. This influence varies in form, ranging from tribute or commemorative to donation-based (a portion of the proceeds benefiting a group or organization associated with September 11th).

Friday, November 12, 2010

September 11th Jewelery Collection

This collection was assembled by another collector, who had to part ways with these items because of her employment circumstances. A great group of jewelery pins, many featuring "Swarovski Crystals," these items offer a unique perspective on the influence of September 11th on everyday objects. These are the first examples of jewelery items I've acquired. They all are direct examples of the influence of 911 on all household and everyday items.

Beer Stein September 11th Tribute

Commemorative stein from Thewalt of Germany. This is #150 of 5000 made. A perfect example of a tribute item, and also shows the influence September 11th on material culture outside of the US. The main tie in on the stein to 911 is the firefighter helmet. This object really is a great piece, and showcases some handcrafted work.

911 Puzzle

God Bless America Twin Towers commemorative puzzle. A portion of the proceeds went to the American Red Cross with the purchase of this item. The question with an item like this is how many people would carry out a puzzle like this? What is the appeal of a Twin Towers puzzle? Clearly more a collector's object than entertainment option for people.