Monday, May 23, 2011

Hats Off September 11th Collection

I will not be purchasing these hats, but this is of interest. There are three ships in production that will incorporate steel from the WTC. This company is offering hats related to these ships:

“ The courage and heroism of the people aboard those flights, and in the Pentagon, will never be forgotten by the American people, and as these ships engage in combating terrorism, they will leave a legacy that will never be forgotten by those wishing to do harm to this country.” – Gordon England, Navy Secretary

The USS New York (LPD 21) Never Forget, USS Arlington (LPD 24), and USS Somerset (LPD 25) are being built and commissioned by the US Navy to honor the sites involved in the September 11th tragedy. Approximately twenty-four tons of steel from the World Trade Center towers will be used to form the bow-stern (or the foremost section of the hull) of the USS New York. Once the USS New York is commissioned, the Never Forget will be replaced with the hull number (LPD 21). This will be the fifth vessel to bear the name USS New York.

The USS Arlington will be named in honor of the Pentagon, which is located in Arlington, Virginia. The USS Somerset will be named in honor of the county in Pennsylvania, the third crash site in the September 11th hijacking. Both the USS Arlington and the USS Somerset will be the third vessels to bear each name. As the eighth and ninth of the San Antonio class, the ships will be amphibious transport docks. Each will have a crew of 363 people and will be capable of carrying 699 Marines.

To commemorate the commissioning of these ships, Hats Off would like to offer a September 11th hat collection. These hats are the same hats that will be worn by the crew aboard these ships. The hats are made from a navy blue, wool blend material. Directly embroidered on the hat is a red and grey ship silhouette, as well as the ships’ name and hull number in yellow-gold. Hats Off is proud to say that these hats are made in the USA. Limited quantities are available.

Friday, May 20, 2011

911 Pistol Grips

1911 pewter pistol grips that are a tribute to September 11th. A very unique item and offers an interesting statement for any gun owner that incorporates them. This example shows the wide influence of September 11th. Also, it demonstrates the different responses people have. A number of objects offer a memorial type of approach, while this tribute clearly implies a reaction of revenge or even violence. Overall, they are a striking example of the impact of 911.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

9/11 Tribute Art

Here is a picture of a 9/11 tribute painting. I wanted to include an example, although 9/11 art is not a focus for my collection. There is a significant amount of such art.

9/11 Story

Story about the recovery of a victim from 9/11.

Osama Toliet Paper

A gift years ago from some friends, and seems fitting with the recent news.

Rail King Train Car

September 11th tribute model Rail King freight car.

America Rising: United We Stand

A striking poster tribute to 9/11 showing a firefighter with the phrase "America Rising United We Stand." The poster was printed by Mead and also has the jostens logo.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ralph Lauren Polo Tribute Sweater

One of the more unique items I have, this speciality high-end sweater is Polo brand produced by Ralph Lauren. Clearly a tribute to 9/11, it has various symbols, including a map of the US, a fire truck, flag, Red Cross symbol, Statue of Liberty, firefighter hat, and RL02 (ralph lauren). Truly a great clothing item that retailed for hundreds of dollars, the sweater certainly is very unique and makes a patriotic and commemorative statement. Another great example of the influence of 9/11 and how it motivated or inspired companies to react and reflect to this event, as well as engage and motivate customers.

Special Edition Rescue Heroes Toy

Billy Blaze toy, part of the Rescue Heroes action figures. Special edition example that incorporates American flag on the figure in recognition of true heroes like fire fighters, medics, etc. This toy was introduced after 9/11 and can be directly attributed to the event.

American Playing Cards

Simple example of patriotic influence after 9/11 on material goods.

Wet Naps

Reinforcing the true impact of September 11th, here is a simple and telling example. These wet naps are imprinted with a portion of the American flag, while on the back a message relates that Kari-Out "will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this fresh nap to collections for the attach on America." Like previous examples documented here (tissues, toys, etc), these wet naps are an everyday object that demonstrate the tremendous impact of 9/11 on material culture. This example is further support that 9/11, like no other event in American history, influenced or was reflected in all forms of goods and products.

Twin Towers Tribute Ornament

Ornament example.