Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Firefighter Pencil Sharpener

Like many previous items, this pencil sharpener evokes firefighters, a symbol connected to September 11th.

America Remembers

This is a special edition calendar.

Freedom Freshener

Maine's Village Candle created the Freedom Freshener in memoriam for September 11th. Like other tribute items, a portion of the proceeds from their sale went to support national disaster relief efforts. Thanks to Village Candle for sending me this item!

Plattsburgh Tribute Coin

Thank you to Ted Brady for this item, a special coin made for the Plattsburgh Air Branch. The coin evokes the Twin Towers.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Star Spangled Santa

The all-American Santa offered as a special collectible. I didn't purchase this object because there are many similar items that were available. It is a great example and definitely a striking combination of everything and anything "American." This was a definite outcome from September 11th.

Terrorism Update

As the years passed of September 11th, 2001, a number of publications appeared that offered updates on the "war against terrorism." This is one example.

Tribute Tie

This 9/11 tribute tie was given to me by a friend. He picked it up near the World Trade Center site. Items like this were common after 9/11, but are not as available now 8 years later. There are a number of tribute items still on the market, but most fall into the category of mass produced (usually paper or plastic items).

Flag Pinwheel