Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Master Lock

This Master Lock is a patriotic tribute that was available shortly after September 11th. A portion of the proceeds from the lock sales benefited the American Red Cross. An example of a household object that reflects September 11th, this object doesn't directly reference the Twin Towers. It is clearly linked to the impact of September 11th. This is another example of a product that invokes a corporate sales pitch.

Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet was created by Kirks Folly. Clearly a tribute to September 11th, this bracelet has a variety of charms (such as a I love NY charm, a twin towers tribute, and a 9/11 charm). An interesting jewelery piece, this object is probably geared towards younger adults or teens. This object does seem to impart the goal of a charm bracelet by imparting a message of remembrance. Overall, a very interesting tribute example.

Monday, December 22, 2008


This stamp reflects the events of September 11th. An interesting reflection, one has to wonder what you would stamp with this tribute?

September 11th Thimble

A thimble tribute to September 11th. This object is not functional and definitely more a collectible item.

Tribute Tissues

A new addition, this box of tissues is made by Laurel. The box features the Twin Towers framed by an American flag. The box features a number of patriotic messages, and also mentions a donation to the relief effort. This object is one of the best examples of a household item demonstrating the impact of September 11th. It is an interesting message this box of tissues imparts. A box of tissues is connected to sorrow and mourning, which is exactly what 9/11 invokes. Overall, one of the most unique tributes I've seen, and a supporting example that no event has had a greater impact on material culture than September 11th.