Friday, August 21, 2009

Terrorism Key Chain

Simple key chain depicting Twin Towers with American flag and call for action against terrorism.

Tribute Coin

An example of a tribute coin, related to the heroes of 9/11.

Sniff: Patriotic Tissues

Another example of a patriotic-themed artifact. Paper products were probably one of the more numerous examples. These tissues are clearly tied to 9/11.
I also find another interesting point about these tissues. 9/11 was a tragic event, and it is ironic that a pack of tissues, associated with crying, would have such an appearance.
One really has to wonder about the reasoning behind having a flag-inspired tissue? What would the purpose of such a thing be? Would one really think they showing their patriotism? Or is this about a company trying to sell more tissues by using 9/11 as motivation? As always, any opinions are welcome, but I think the answer is clear.

Post-It Flags

These Post-it Flags are a great example of how the American flag became incorporated into many household and commercial products and goods. Here 3M will donate 5 cents to the American Red Cross from every product sold. Another example of a corporation making a donation as result of 9/11. One has to question how much money was raised as a result of such corporate actions? How many companies implemented such actions?

Tribute Knife

One more example of a tribute knife. The eagle with the tear is a frequent image.