Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Dreams in You: September 11th tribute from Broadway

Another tribute CD that was organized and features various Broadway performers.  It is a tribute to 9/11 and proceeds from its sale were donated to the September 11th Fund.  A great example that helps illustrate how widespread the impact was from September 11th and how it was reflected.  Here, Broadway performers produce a tangible CD for sale and distribution.

Champion Song: September 11th Fund

Here is a tribute song, "Champion," from Oleander.  All the profits from the sale of the song were donated to the September 11th Fund, which is printed on the CD and CD case.  The CD case features the American flag and a group of firefighters.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brooks Brothers 9/11 Memorial Tie

Another great example to follow up on my last post about the recent tribute shoes: 9/11 Memorial Tie from Brooks Brothers.  Can you get any more mainstream?  And another great example of using September 11th to drive consumption/sales in the name of "doing good/donation."  This was a recent offering (2012), but no longer available from BB.  A boy's version is still being sold on the 911 Memorial website:  I did add the men's version as part of my collection.

The 9/11 Memorial TieItem# MA00488 $ 79.50,default,pd.html
Description & features
To benefit the 9/11 Memorial, we crafted this updated version of one of our most memorable ties. This iconic "BB#1" striped tie is hand finished in our workrooms in New York City in the black and teal colors of the 9/11 Memorial logo. Wear it each 9/11 anniversary to honor those who fell and those who rose in response. Brooks Brothers will donate 100% of profits, but in any event no less than $40.00 per tie, from the sale of the Tie to the 9/11 Memorial. Pure silk woven in England. 3¼" width. 58" length. Dry clean.