Saturday, November 1, 2008

Use of the Flag

This Zippo lighter is a good example of how the flag became such an essential symbol for companies to use in their products, and people to connect with after September 11th. Of course the flag always has played a role in consumer goods, but there was a clear revival after 9/11. The question centers on why companies would integrate this symbol into their products? The answer seems simple enough: to better sell their goods and create a connection between their objects and September 11th. Is it the almighty the dollar that drives this company reaction? Companies like Zippo and others probably have many reasons for creating items like this lighter, but at the end of the day, sales drive decisions and were also the incentive for these companies to donate to the victims or support funds of 9/11 (because sales brought in money and the companies donated the profits or a portion of them to 9/11 causes).

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