Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mickey Mouse: American Symbol

Mickey Mouse in a NY firefighter's uniform? Disney's Mickey Mouse, arguably one of the best known symbols of America, would be expected to reflect September 11th. This pin continues to support the argument that September 11th influenced material culture (goods, products, everyday materials, etc) beyond anything or any event that American history has ever seen. One can argue that Mickey Mouse has appeared in many different forms, such as Santa Claus or wearing your favorite baseball team's uniform, but Mickey paying tribute to the victim's of a tragic event in American history? This object also provides further evidence of how September 11th was used as a marketing tool by corporations. Mickey Mouse wearing a NY firefighter's outfit will probably resonate more with people after seeing the tragic events of September 11th unfold, and they can consume this item and help make a difference because a portion of their purchase will be donated to the victims. A win-win for everyone. Is this idea way off?

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