Friday, December 21, 2012

Bin Laden vs USA Video Game

I had no idea anything like this existed.  The game is definitely unique (and does work).  Here are the comments from the sale listing:

One of the rarest handheld games ever made. Not many left in existence. In-fact I have never seen this model on ebay and it works.
One website lists this as the second version. But the model number shows otherwise.
There are two versions Model GM-0283A-3 & model this Model GM-026A-3 . I believe this to be the 1st version just by seeing the model number.
The game allows you to fight back against the attack and defend the Twin Towers against this terrible act.
I only purchased the game at yard sale in a box along with some other games. I am not very fond of the game but it did feel good to be able to fight back if only history could be changed.
My prayers go out to those who have lost their loved ones and those who survived. Along with a great appreciation to those who were there and are among the HERO'S who's efforts helped save many more lives. Personally I would never want to sell this game and would rather crush under a steam roller. But hard times have made me in need of funds to support my family. So I am offering this up for auction.
Made by Gao Ming Panyu Gaoming Electronics Co Ltd. Made in China, It takes 2 AA batteries although it has a spot for a third battery but no battery terminals are in there for that. The back says it 4.5V and 3AA. All the buttons work along with the sound. You can also see from the photo that all the lcds work as well. The case is in good condition as well.

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