Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/11 Coverage Continues on The Daily Show: 9/11 Wine Makes Another Appearance

The Daily Show continues the examination of 9/11 and its impact. In the video below, The Daily Show drives home the point that we have lost sight of the lessons learned from 9/11, including an opportunity to better understand each other and other cultures. In their segment, Lieb Cellar's 9/11 wine made another appearance. I'm sure all the other companies and manufacturers of 9/11 tribute items are silently cheering on the now famous 9/11 wine. For example, the maker of the 9/11 sweater (featured here) is probably asking: how can I get Jon Stewart to wear my colorful tribute? Forget that it is a women's sweater. And the maker of the Twin Towers knife featuring two blades is wondering how to get The Daily Show staff to wave it proudly in the air. Or maybe just use it to open an envelope.

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