Friday, March 20, 2009

Created With Steel From the World Trade Center

This steel plaque depicts the Twin Towers and relates that it is cast from steel from the World Trade Center. It is not clear to me who created this tribute medal, but it is a very unique object. There are definitely other tribute items that were created form actual WTC steel, but they are few in number. I have posted another tribute plaque that may make such a claim. There is no questioning the above plaque's claim of being cast with WTC steel, especially since it is cast (or engraved) on the backside. Supposedly this plaque was very limited and given to families of the victims of 9/11.
This is an object meant for those who want to connect with WTC and September 11th. What better way to feel a connection than owning your own object created with actual steel from Towers 1 and 2. A very simple object with a powerful message and association. Also, it offers a strong motivation for buyers. I have seen this object listed for as much as $1000. I'm sure people paid that much. Not me of course.

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