Saturday, May 19, 2018

Patriot Limited Edition Hammer Commemorating 911

Patriot Limited Edition Hammer by Dude Tools.  The box relates that it is made in America and hand painted.  The star pattern on both sides of the hammer head commemorates 911.  There are 9 stars on one side and 11 stars on the other side.  This is the first example I have seen of a 911 commemorative item that is a tool.  In general, a hammer seems like a compelling object that speaks to building (or rebuilding).  A hammer is a tool of the trades and is an object that is used everyday.  Calling this hammer patriot brands it clearly as a tool of recovery and rebuilding by connecting it 911.  Overall, this is a great example of the tremendous influence of 911 on all forms of material culture, especially everyday, commonly used items (like a tool).


Erik Petersen said...

Andy is the 9/11 master

CQ said...

Whenever I am feeling down and need a pick me up, I head over to Andys 911 Blog and I feel way better.