Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lucien Piccard Watch: Love, Peace and Hope

Tribute watch with a message of peace...inspired by 9/11...offered/accessible to "everyone at affordable price points."

Love, Peace, and Hope by Udi Behr for Lucien Piccard A Watch with a Message that Withstands the Test of Time

    NEW YORK, Feb. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- New York City intermixes a multitude of
 cultures, living together in one city. In this tradition, Love, Peace, and
 Hope by Udi Behr, effectively relays this everlasting message of resilience,
 optimism, and determination of the human spirit that is blind to all colors,
 religions, and creeds.
     Unlike traditional timepieces, Love, Peace, and Hope by Udi Behr combines
 the high-quality craftsmanship of a Swiss made watch, with designs that were
 born in New York City, by designer and Tribeca resident, Udi Behr. For spring,
 the collection introduces three new colors: light pink, camel and baby blue.
 These watches are accessible to everyone at affordable price points in various
 styles: with stainless steel and enamel, diamond bezels, and diamond pave
 face. Soft colors with a strong message, Love, Peace, and Hope by Udi Behr
 symbolizes the timeless belief that there is always "A time for love," "A time
 for peace," and "A time for hope." After all, one could never have too much
 love, peace, and hope.
     Right now, our country is pending a war and there is need to spread a
 message of peace. A peace sign, a heart, and a ribbon engraved with a
 commanding message of "Love, Peace, and Hope" emanates what can only be seen
 in the eye of the beholder and in the heart.
     Love, Peace, and Hope by Udi Behr for Lucien Piccard is a collection of
 timepieces established two years ago by renowned jewelry designer Udi Behr.
 Inspired by a moving letter from his daughter to the survivors of 9/11, Udi
 developed this accessory with an everlasting significance to its design and
 function. "It's important to always have hope, dream of peace, and to love,"
 says Udi Behr, "this is how I live my life and its what shines through in my
     Udi's commitment to changing the world for the better surpasses just
 designing. He devotes much of his time to working with charities inspired by
 the ideals of "Love, Peace, and Hope." A percentage of the proceeds from his
 watches are donated to charity and he has been involved with Ground Hero Kids,
 God Love we Deliver, Gay Men's Health Crisis, Aids Awareness and the Fight
 Against Breast Cancer.
     Love, Peace, and Hope by Udi Behr watches are available at Saks Fifth
 Avenue and Bloomingdales.

SOURCE  Love, Peace and Hope by Udi Behr for Lucien Piccard

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