Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gifford Ice Cream 9/11 Tribute: Stars & Stripes Serving Those Who Serve

A tribute example that was shared with me:

I have a somewhat curious "artifact" of my WTC volunteer experience.  This may sound a bit weird...it is actually a pint of Gifford's of Maine ice cream called "Serving Those Who Serve" which was dispensed at the Salvation Army big tent on Murray and West.  The pints were in the food service area and workers could just grab one and have some.  Eventually, we volunteers were permitted to bring some home.  
It is vanilla with pieces of red and blue "Stars and Stripes" candy and red swirls.  I just took a look at it yesterday since having put it in there, and about a half inch has evaporated.   
The ice cream was created by Gifford's specifically for the 9/11 effort.  I reached out to them yesterday to inquire about this.  Their rep sent me a link with some photos of the ice cream being brought to NYC and DC and being served by the Gifford family.  So I'm passing that link to you for your reference.  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/36anbek0no0gxev/fYYTGPtKu-#/ 

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