Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TLC offers new TV show celebrating collecting obsessions

As I've written and documented here, September 11th has been an event that has impacted and been reflected through all forms of material culture. My goal has been to document and examine such examples, and I have also created a collection. I sometimes also ask the question of why people would purchase or consume or even be drawn to such items. I don't really address the issue in my postings, but as I see it, there are really two parts to the equation that results in the items I have documented. First, there is the American drive to consume and collect goods and items, and second, there is the producer/company/"capitalist" that motivates, manipulates and feeds (and hopes to never satisfy) that want and need. The end result is consumption, collecting and amassing material goods. It is a never ending cycle. We all carry this out, some people in small ways (the latest technology gadgets filled with movies and music) and others in significant ways. Well, TLC has now created a show to celebrate the excessive consumer/collector titled "My Crazy Obsession." One has to wonder how many collectors will be clamouring for their 15 minutes of fame now. Even more so, I have to wonder if this kind of focus will fan the flames of consumption and collecting. The result could be positive if there is an opportunity to examine and reflect on the meaning and impact of these collectors and their collections and what they say about our society. But it appears the presentation will be more a Barnum and Bailey approach. Step right up and take a look for yourself at the teaser:

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