Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lady Death Chastity Bad Kitty Comic: World Trade Center Tribute

Lady Death Chastity Bad Kitty United (2002)

"Words you never thought you’d hear: This Chaos comic book isn’t horrific enough.

In the wake of the World Trade Center collapse, the three “Bad Girls” (all of whom, luckily enough, happen to be on site) help rescue victims and reunite loved ones. With the backdrop of disaster, there are happy endings in the microcosm of these characters’ lives.

There are certain unlikely scenes. For example, a cop recognizes Bad Kitty as a wanted felon from a rap sheet he happens to have with him. Presumably, standing at the foot of the WTC rubble, he should be too busy rescuing people to care. Similarly, a bunch of enraged citizens turn on a Sikh cabbie, whom they assume to be in league with terrorists. At the time, nobody at the scene had any idea what had happened or who was to blame, and people were certainly more concerned with evacuation than finger-pointing. (Finger-pointing happened within days, but there was none reported at the time.) This license, which inserts the misplaced anger into the event itself, detracts from the courage and unity New Yorkers showed that day.

Despite these flaws, this comic book has something that most Chaos books lack (and that Sept. 11 tribute comics need): hope. "

— Jack Abramowitz

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