Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WTC Mosque Ad: The Debate Grows

The controversy surrounding a possible mosque near the World Trade Center site is definitely a difficult issue for people. The debate has resulted in this recent ad example, and I'm sure you will see more develop. What is the real issue here? I don't think it is really about a mosque being built, but the ultimate control of memory and the message imparted to people about 9/11. People see this mosque as a dishonor to the victims, and others are taking this a step further with conspiracy theories about terrorists. The debate here is how will we remember 9/11 and what it will instill and inspire in people. When people visit the WTC site, everyone can agree that remembering the victims and the event should be priority. But why not make 9/11 into more than the horrendous tragedy it was, and go a step further and turn it into an opportunity to show terrorists and anyone filled with hatred and evil why the US is the great country it is. Embrace a mosque that becomes a pillar in the community, contributing to rebuilding the WTC site and community, showing Americans, Muslims and the World that we can all work together.

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